Sunday, June 1, 2014

About Media in Malaysia

Hi everyone once again, previous week Dr Sharon has discussed in the class about Media in Malaysia and it strikes me back to the past where all the chaotic and imbalance politics happened in Malaysia and I’ve learned that politics in Malaysia are mostly ruled over by the government and their increasingly concentrated ruling party, Barisan National. And of course, it is one-sided kind of thing.

Malaysia's press system until today is an inheritance of the British colonial era. It became an influential medium for the populace to voice their opinions of the colonial government in pre-independant Malaya. 

Today, most of the media is owned by the country's ruling party, Barisan National. As you can see, the picture below is an interesting table of Media Ownership.

Basically what the picture is trying to say that each media group owns certain type of media in the country. 

Barisan National owns Media Prima and indirectly, news portals and broadcasters will take advantage to censor what is bad and spread propaganda about their good to the citizens whereas the opposition are low on advantages because of the majority ownership by the government. 

Further on, there are some censorship which is main controlled by the government to prevent people outside of the country from knowing the truth. For example, Bersih. Bersih in another word is called  Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections is a protest event where people come together to seek clean election due to the 'dirty tricks' used by the government to win the election. Hence, rakyat (citizen) are not happy with the result of what they get and wants to demand what is right, such as preventing corruption, dirty politics, cleaner election and so forth. 

There are more information about the reformation in this source from the net :

As you can see the censorship in Malaysia is quiet strong and here is a video showing two different news being broadcast in BBC, UK and ASTRO, Malaysia

This is just one of the example where the government censored some of the scenes to prevent its citizens from the real truth. They may claim that it is to prevent feud but it is however a subjective matter. 

Friday, April 18, 2014


Back then, I started to hate blogging and one step at a time, I wonder does blogging even mean something? Can I start to go any where with blogging? In terms of earning money and what not. What I personally thought that blogging is for those who does not have time and wants to earn side income but to come and think of it again, IT IS NOT TRUE.

In fact, blogging helps to reduce stress, more like expressing your inner-self where you actually "communicate" with this post and express your feelings. Somehow people does not realise that this facts are true.

Blogging is fun! Fun in terms of expressing yourself and meeting other bloggers who are way more successful and they're sort of like on top of the world right now. Glad to know that bloggers can be successful at some point of time but how long will they last? Will blogging help them to achieve something successful? Yes, but does it last? No. Definitely not but well everyone needs to achieve something in their lives, right?

Everyone do, but I often feel I achieve nothing big in my life, probably soon? but I am proud to have friends, loved ones surrounding me and giving me protection and the man Himself, above the skies and air, Jesus. He gave His life and die for us on the cross. Let's look back and continue to thank God for his unending gracious blessing upon us. Happy Easter everyone :)

Friday, April 11, 2014


Music has always been part of my life. Even in the darkest day or whichever day that comes, I've always listen to songs and yeap..

But I used to ask myself why do I listen to music? Does it really help build your confident? or does it weaken you or is it just another 3-5 minutes waste of time listening to it? I strongly stand firm that music changes me for who I am because it speaks words of wisdom (sometimes), creates an understanding of what life is actually is and so on. This is actually subjective to everyone because not everyone likes/love music. They might think that music is a pain in the arse for them. Hence, I leave this to you to argue.

But overall, music have made an impact in my life in terms of being creative, opening the minds of the society and such, could change the whole world and unite them into one with just a simple song *maybe*.

Would I still be myself if I didn't have the talent to play guitar? or even listening to songs, tune or melody? Maybe yes but I figure out that there are tons of factors that could contribute into the process of transformation in your life. It could be friends, family, peer pressure, partners and society.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waste of money? or makeover?

Recently I have watched a taiwanese television series about make up and woman.

Why do woman always or often wear make up to cover their face? Their faces are okay looking but not ugly because I would not categorise woman or "half" woman ugly but because of their additional "stuff" applied on their face makes them ugly. I've walked in shopping malls and night market and everywhere else seeing woman going into beauty shop to buy make ups, facial products and what not.

Obviously these things are used to fulfill your wants and needs so that people in the society could accept you into their group or norms. If your looks is ugly, technically speaking society would not accept you and vice versa. This is total crap because God created people, human in His image. I'm sorry to be harsh or rude/mean but this is my intention to tell people that God actually created us in a unique way. Unique way as in each person has its own talent or skills. I mean seriously? Woman do not need to wear make up to look good because each of them are unique in their own ways.

God bless

Friday, March 28, 2014

A sign of weakness or strength?

Everyone cries for a reason, whether someone has passed away or probably a failure in your life. But well, does crying even means a sign of weakness or strength?

No, well for me it means crying is a sign of strength. It should not be categorized as a sign of weakness because crying makes us release our inner emotions that we have kept for a very long time. Mostly girls cry because they use it as a "weapon" to persuade something or win over something they want/need.

Whereas there is a group of people who thinks that crying is also a sign of weakness, why? Because you have been strong for a period of time and when you released it then people would think that you have kept it for a long time. So, it's okay to cry at some point even though things may get bad and things might not seem to go its way.

Sometimes I cry because things does not get along together, things such as conflict of thoughts between myself and my partner. Even the smallest things could make me cry. This would conclude that I am a crying baby even though I always think that crying is for the weak and small and those who are not capable of going through stress.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Doing, Being & Having

There are so many things in life not regret doing, being and having it. For some people it might be their self-esteem, belongingness or even their goals in life. And well, to start of by the things I regret not doing is cooking. I have always wanted to learn cooking ever since I was young but because of my grandmother, she refuses me to cook because of certain reason. It could be wasting time for me, does not benefit me, does not want me to cook because I am one of the worst chef on earth and etc. I mean why can't parents just let a guy cook in the kitchen? It does not represent any stereotype or law that some guys should not cook in the kitchen. Well, some guys are better chef than women. I always envy some other guys like my guy friends who are capable of cooking and preparing ingredients and as for me, I have zero knowledge of kitchen things. Even though I have some cooking experience during my camping days but it is still not sufficient enough for me.

Being creative was also one of the things I regretted not having. I used to have skills in drawing and arts and basically to sum it up, I have visual eyes when I was young but due to my laziness, I have lost it all when I grew up. My grandmother used to reminisce me about what I have drew and visualise during my younger days and now I wish I have it. Why can't people just born with creativity and with visual skills? Why can't everyone just be the same with what they have? Well, I do believe that the reason everyone has different talents and skills is because they are made differently to shine for others.

Not having a dad in life is miserable. Regretted that I am born without a father and when special occasions like Father's Day arrive, I can see that there are families having dinner with their dad and simply smiling and being happy. Isn't having someone special in your life add in more colours into your happiness or life? Yes, it does but I am somehow happy now without a dad because of some super long story to explain but nevertheless, yes I do regret not having a father but I thank God for such awesome friends and families around me.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Time or Money?

Which one would you choose? Time or money?

Most time we would question ourselves whether the time we spend are worth the money or would the money we spend worth the time. And honestly speaking, in reality, we would choose to have both. The reason why we have both elements is that when we have the time, we could do whatever we want and spend it all on You-only-live-once(YOLO) concept whereas when we have the money we could buy anything that we want to and choose to be happy with it.

But to come and think of it, when we have the money, we could be very depress because we do not share the wealth and happiness with other people but in other case we could also be very happy also because when we have the money, we get to help those people in need and be well known to the whole world. All in all, happiness is a choice.

And yet another side would be time, some people would choose time over money because of some particular reasons like not having enough time to finish up assignments, mother who has kids and work to balance with and the list goes on.

And obviously there are some people like the prime minister has the money and time to do what he wants and spends on every luxury items.

Coming to a conclusion, since there are so many people who fights for both but I will still choose money over time because with money, we could spend so much on things and also give back to society where we, ourselves also will be happy eventually.